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Evaluate ratings Methodology

Bankrate’s opinions point of curiosity on the last discover and most dear on-line brokers and robo-advisors. The opinions settle on an investor-first intention, meaning reviews are per how a conventional customer also can get value from the firm, in its set up of focusing on whether a selected feature advantages the broker or robo-marketing consultant. Bankrate’s opinions provide timely and objective records on brokers and robo-advisors so that people can build in truth helpful choices.

Bankrate evaluates brokers and robo-advisors on components that subject to particular particular person investors, collectively with commissions, yarn prices, accessible securities, procuring and selling platforms, research and additional. All records are silent straight from the firms themselves, thru the catch site or scream contact with a representative.

We weight these objective measures based on our evaluation of their importance. Then we systematically gain the brokers and robo-advisors right thru lessons and scale the uncooked rankings to build obvious you’re seeing the head alternatives amongst a self-discipline of high-fantastic firms.

Our opinions present a gain ranking, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, right thru 5 key dimensions as properly as an overall gain. Our 5 key dimensions are:

  • Total value
  • Accounts and procuring and selling
  • Be taught and education
  • Cell accessibility
  • Buyer abilities

Moreover to this quantitative review, a qualitative share provides additional runt print and context, highlighting parts that customers could presumably well presumably receive sharp or helpful. Moreover, we provide alternatives for investors seeking a selected feature or service.

Bankrate usually conducts a comprehensive overview of every broker and robo-marketing consultant once a year but could presumably well presumably update all of them thru the year as key info alternate or the industry shifts.

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Brokerage and robo-advisor review methodology